Start with Why

Have you ever wondered how great leaders inspire everyone to take action? Check out this video from Simon Sinek talking at a recent TED conference. Leaders who lead inspirationally, and I would argue effectively, all start with the essential why they are doing what they are doing.  Sinek introduces his concept of the golden circle, explaining that the human brain is wired to respond to non-verbal elements and stories that present our reasons behind doing how and what we do.  We here at Zero Dropouts are clear about our why- we are absolutely inspired by the remarkable potential of youth.  Join us on our Journey to Zero!


Think Outside the Box

Check out this inspiring video unveiled this week at the Colorado Legacy Foundation annual gala.  The video challenges us to think differently about education.  We definitely need to think differently about education if we are going to expect different results.  The video speaks about butts in seats, because that is the way most education is still funded in America.  States distribute education funding based on a formula based on one of three criteria- ADA (Average Daily Attendance), ADM (Average Daily Membership) or a One Time Count.  Colorado uses the one time count method, commonly referred to as October Count.  Whoever shows up to school during a short window of time around October 1st gets counted in the funding formula, and the school district gets funding to serve that student.  If the student shows up after that window, then the serving district gets no funding to serve that student.  This funding formula is one of the things that we in Colorado need to think differently about like this video inspires us to do.

Calling all Co-Conspirators

Calling all co-conspirators – all true believers in the remarkable potential of youth. Those that believe that the dropout problem is not caused by a deficiency in our youth, but instead an inadequacy within our systems of education. We still have an educational system designed for the industrial age, attempting to prepare youth for a factory-model economy.

Times have changed. We need a system designed not only for the new fast- paced economy, but also designed for who we are as people in the 21st century. We customize everything else in our world, why not an educational approach tailored to bring out the best in every one of us, diverse and talented as we are. Our young people will take full advantage of such an educational system if we adults create it for them. Join us. Join the cause. Commit to Zero! Calling all co-conspirators who believe in the remarkable potential of youth. Conspire to Zero!